MATFA's mission is to support and guide the youth in our community who want to change and make the most of their lives.


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The Inspiration

Damon “Dee” Dowell
July 13, 1976 - December 26, 1995


Thousands of young men and women are incarcerated every year in California's juvenile justice system. Every one of these young people deserve the opportunity, support, and guidance to turn their lives around and stay out of the criminal justice system. According to statistics 70% of those who have been incarcerated will re-offend within three years and will find themselves back in prison.

MATFA trains and supports mentors to help youth in the program acquire skills for successful and positive re-entry into society. Our mentors counsel all individuals in our program to help them understand why they are "at-risk" of being incarcerated again if they do not change their lives. Mentors assist youth to transition into society as productive and contributing citizens. MATFA's curriculum has helped young people succeed by evaluating the choices they make on a daily basis.